One Spoiler-Averse Superhero Movie Fan Is Willing To Miss His Child’s Birth To See ‘The Batman’ On Opening Day

It’s said that superhero movies have kept adults in a state of arrested development, but some take it further than most. Case in point: In a recent post on Reddit (as caught by IndieWire), one anonymous woman claims that her husband is willing to miss the birth of their child so he can see The Batman on opening day.

In one of those “AITA” (“Am I the Asshole?”) posts that often go viral, a mid-twenties woman says that her 28-year-old husband is prioritizing Robert Pattinson’s maiden voyage as the Caped Crusader over being there when a person he helped create enters the world. The issue is that the film’s release date coincides with one of their estimated due date. While only a fraction of babies arrive on due dates, there’s still a chance.

“He says it is important to see the movie the first day because of spoilers and that, even I end up having the baby that day while he is watching the movie, at worst he would arrived [sic] a few hours late and is not such a big deal,” the woman writes. “He says I am being irrational and emotional because of being pregnant. I am upset because I feel deprioritize by him.”

Commenters have by and large been supportive, some wondering whether the “irrational and emotional” might be the person who would rather see a comic book movie (even one with nods to Kurt Cobain) instead of being there to support his wife through one of the most difficult days of her life. It’s also worth noting that The Batman is incredibly long, about a half hour longer than Goodfellas. That’s a lot of time away from your spouse’s side as she’s going through pain you will never have to experience.

(Via IndieWire)