‘The Blair Witch Project’ Might Be Getting A Third Film

It’s been 15 years since Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 hit theaters. The sequel to 1999’s The Blair Witch Project bombed big-time, marking the end of the film series. At least, until Bloody-Disgusting reported on a growing rumor that’s circulating. Lionsgate is already in production on a new entry to The Blair Witch Project series.

While details are slim, speculation points to the new Lionsgate horror film The Woods. It’s the latest from Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, the writing/directing team behind recent genre favorites The Guest, You’re Next and A Horrible Way To Die. The production company is moving the project along quickly, with a planned theatrical release next spring.

Is 15 years enough time to wait for a third installment to The Blair Witch Project series? Definitely. Do we need another Blair Witch film? Probably not. But if done right, this could be the redemption the series has been looking for. It’d would be nice to see that damn witch!

(Source: Bloody-Disgusting)