Scare Yourself Silly With This ‘Conjuring 2’ Featurette

While I do my best not to be a curmudgeon when it comes to horror films, most horror offerings just aren’t scary anymore. The incessant need to retread on older films, the focus on gore and jump scares over the kind of slow-burn, really horrific moments that made horror so damned scary just doesn’t feel like it’s there anymore. That isn’t saying that everyone is failing, every once in a while a film like The Witch comes along and takes a different approach to scaring audiences.

One such delight was the 2013 film The Conjuring, which relied more on strong performances and practical effects to scare audiences in what is a rather worn topic of a haunted house. Granted, the setting was in rural Rhode Island in the 70’s, which is scary enough to imagine as someone who actually grew up in Rhode Island and knows the strange, coffee syrup and “Red Sawx”-laced horrors that go down there. The Conjuring 2 sees paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren trekking off to the United Kingdom to investigate a haunted house in Enfield where more scares ensue.

SlashFilm points out this cool new featurette released by Warner Bros. that focuses on the supposed real hauntings in Enfield that inspired the film. So are you a skeptic still, or do you believe that The Conjuring 2 is based on true events? Hopefully on June 10th when The Conjuring 2 opens we’ll be able to at least scare ourselves, skeptical or not, in the theaters.

(Via SlashFilm)