You Could Not Possibly Know These Facts About ‘The Dark Knight’

Have you noticed that some video essays about films have overdramatic voiceovers, see patterns where none exist, and obsess over the most esoteric trivia? Clickhole noticed, and it’ll change the way you watch The Dark Knight forever and ever, and the way in which it will blow your mind may surprise you. In other words, the folks behind The Onion just applied their satirical genius to clickbait-y “everything you didn’t know about this movie” videos. You won’t believe what this one website found out about The Dark Knight. Doctors hate it. Probably.

Yes, the video is filled with lies, but they’re hilarious lies. Well, there’s one part that’s legit. As /film points out, “The only part that’s true is that anyone can flip a semi-truck in a major city street, and you can do it right now without any repercussions whatsoever.” Wow. We can’t wait to try out this one simple trick. (That’s probably why doctors hate this video.)

(Via Yahoo! and /film)