Aaron Paul Reportedly Cast In ‘The Dark Tower’

Entertainment Editor
03.08.16 10 Comments

Yeah, bitch! Heroin and towers!

Back in 2012, Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad tweeted he’d love to play Eddie Dean in a film or TV adaptation of The Dark Tower. The character is a 23-year-old heroin addict from New York City who joins up with Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) in the second book, The Drawing of the Three. Shortly after the wishful thinking on Twitter, Paul revealed he’d been to several meetings about the project and even spoke with producer Ron Howard, who turned out to be a Breaking Bad fan.

Now Blastr reports that “reliable sources close to the production” have told them Aaron Paul has been cast in The Dark Tower, although they don’t say which character he’d play, and Blastr doesn’t seem to be sure if the casting is official. It seems, however, that casting Paul as Eddie Dean is almost too perfect, and it would fit with what we’ve already heard about the plot. Stephen King said it’s going to start somewhere in the middle of the story, and director Nikolaj Arcel said a lot of the movie will take place in the present day modern world. None of that would rule out Eddie Dean, and we’re just so psyched we could dance.

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