The ‘Fantastic Four’ Honest Trailer Is More Fun Than The Movie

Fantastic Four managed to achieve a rare thing these days: Putting out a superhero movie that bombed. Granted, it was no Jem and The Holograms, but, hey, it may have cost Fox $120 million, but this four minutes of snark makes it $120 million well-spent.

And boy, do they have a lot to work with. Bored actors, behind-the-scenes drama, studio executives taking over… it gets to the point where they note that a movie about what went wrong behind the scenes would be far more compelling than the movie itself. Which is a good point. Between Fox refusing to let Josh Trank film the movie, multiple scenes from the trailer not appearing in the actual movie, and Trank’s erratic, potentially career-disrupting behavior, all the elements for a great movie are there. Granted, you’d be sued so hard you’d burst into Human Torch-esque flames just for even thinking about making this movie, but we can dream.

Anyway, if you really want to subject yourself to a mediocre studio movie, it’s already out digitally, and it’ll be on Blu-ray and DVD December 15. If you’d rather watch the Fantastic Four making a credible bid at being fantastic… um… there’s the cartoon?

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