The ‘Flash’ Movie Officially Has Its Iris West

The Flash was recently handed off to Rick Famuyiwa, best known for the excellent Sundance hit Dope. And it appears that Famuyiwa won’t be ranging far from his first movie, as he’s officially brought one of that film’s more popular cast members, Kiersey Clemons, on as Iris West.

West, in the comics, is a reporter and the girlfriend of Barry Allen. Right from the start, she’s a bit suspicious of Barry and his relentless excuses for being late, and she eventually uncovers his secret identity. And she does it a lot faster than Lois Lane figures out Superman is just wearing some glasses. West also happens to be the aunt of one Wally West, the future Kid Flash, although considering the ages of Clemons and her co-star Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen, it’s unlikely Wally’s even been born yet, let alone already the snotty teenager we know and love.

It’s an interesting casting choice not least because it echoes the CW series, where Candice Patton plays Iris, rather than the comics. It’ll be especially interesting to see where Iris fits in since the movie is a buddy comedy with Barry and Victor Stone — better known as Cyborg — fighting a so far unknown menace. But hey, Barry’s quick; we’re sure he can fit a date in.

(Via Variety)