The Latest ‘Good Dinosaur’ Promo Highlights 20 Years Of Pixar Friendships, Will Make You Cry

Pixar is starting to ramp up promotion for their upcoming film, The Good Dinosaur, which hits theaters on Nov. 25. Well, they’re going for the jugular in their new teaser, harkening 20 years of classic Pixar friendships. Although they’ve had a few bumps a long the way, Pixar has been consistently introducing fans to some of the greatest film friendships of all time, ever since they started making feature films in 1995 with Toy Story.

Starting with Buzz and Woody and leading up to the dynamic duo of Sadness and Joy in this summer’s Inside Out, “you’ve got a friend in me” is not an empty phrase in Pixar-land. Most animated films these days push the importance of friendship, but Pixar has made an art form out of it, raising the bar from parroted platitudes to genuinely moving stories of connection, sacrifice, and growing up. Who else could get away with threatening to destroy beloved characters in an incinerator and be praised for their emotional depth?

We’ll see where The Good Dinosaur falls on the Incredibles to Cars scale, but there is little reason to doubt that it will do anything but delight children and make their parents weep openly.