The Extremely NSFW Red Band Trailer For ‘The Greasy Strangler’ Is Somehow Charming And Sweet

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08.30.16 3 Comments

(Warning: By “extremely NSFW” we mean it is seriously NSFW. We’re talking really gross stuff, including full-frontal nudity of an old man. Multiple shots. Otherwise, enjoy!)

When we were first treated to the extremely NSFW teaser for the bizarre, off-the-radar horror-comedy The Greasy Strangler, we were a little surprised. Not because of the full-frontal male and female nudity, weird-looking people, or the cheesy, overdone special effects, but because it somehow all seems so… charming. Movies like this are supposed to sicken the average moviegoer and make the squeamish turn away in disgust, while the weirder among us giggle with delight. Instead, The Greasy Strangler looks like a sweet father/son tale in this new red band trailer. You know, once you get past the old man nudity and heads being squeezed until eyeballs pop out.

Even more surprising, the early reviews are glowing with praise. Granted, the Strangler’s 92 percent fresh rating doesn’t include reviews from the biggest mainstream critics, but that shouldn’t take away from this little film’s potential. The Daily Beast’s Jen Yamato praised it as the “first WTF movie of 2016,” while Consequence of Sound’s Justin Gerber celebrates writer/director Jim Hosking for not only making this movie, but making it well. The lone negative review (to date) comes from Bloody Disgusting’s Fred Topel, who also commends Hosking for sticking with his vision, even if it doesn’t have mass appeal.

The rest of us will have to wait until The Greasy Strangler’s limited release on October 7 to see how much we can stomach from this seemingly delightful monstrosity.

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