The New ‘The Grudge’ Trailer Will Ruin Showers For You (And John Cho) All Over Again

Based on Japan’s Ju-On franchise, 2004’s American remake The Grudge was a big hit, earning $187.2 million on a $10 million budget. Which means it had to follow the trajectory of every successful horror movie: a sequel, The Grudge 2 (Sarah Michelle Geller returned for this one), which turned into a trilogy, The Grudge 3 (Sarah Michelle Geller did not return for this one), and a “re-imagining,” courtesy of The Eyes of My Mother director Nicolas Pesce. The Grudge, or Grudge 2020 (don’t blame me, I voted for Sadako), takes place at the same time as the original film, but it takes place in America.

“We follow [Detective Muldoon, played by Andrea Riseborough], as well as two other storylines, that are all interacting with this grudged house in small town America,” Pesce told Entertainment Weekly. “Like the old films, it’s a tapestry of three different stories that interweave and all take place at slightly different times, centered around this one house that’s at the center of this case that this cop is working on.” The movie also stars Demián Bichir, John Cho and Betty Gilpin (who pose like this), and one creepy Grudge girl.

Never taking a shower again. Here’s the official plot synopsis.

A single mother and detective, Muldoon, discovers that a suburban house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death. Now, she runs to save herself and her son from demonic spirits from the cursed house in her neighborhood.

The Grudge opens on January 3, 2020.