‘The Hills Have Eyes’ Meets ‘Family Matters’ In This Beautifully Strange Mashup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, this is a reference to the Halloween season! Finally, we have reached that spook-tacular month where Netflix brings a fresh bunch of horror films to their service, while every network develops their own plans to spice up their slate with scary holiday-themed episodes, specials and the like.

For example, AMC will once again bring their Fear Fest schedule to the small-screen which will run in conjunction with the return of their zombie-juggernaut of a series The Walking Dead. While there may have been complaints regarding the over-saturation of zombie-related entertainment on the network this time of year, it’s worth noting the network has done something to battle those issues with Shudder, a streaming service devoted solely to the discerning horror fan and all the twisted tastes that comes with the territory.

Doing their part in delivering the frights, the Shudder Social Media team took to Facebook on Friday and shared the above mashup that brings Wes Craven’s original The Hills Have Eyes together with ABC’s classic sitcom Family Matters. Sure, it’s a bit disturbing but there’s something rather endearing about it. Actually, I’m pretty sure Wes Craven would approve.

(Via Shudder on Facebook)