‘The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies’ Debuts Its First TV Spot

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies wraps up both the highly unnecessary Hobbit trilogy and the Lord of the Rings film franchise, so you can expect a lot of hype themed around how this is the last one and that should make you bittersweet and nostalgic. Or just psyched for that 45-minute battle scene. Either way, here’s the first of many TV spots.

In case you didn’t catch the final trailer, a brief overview: Thorin Oakenshield has reclaimed his ancestral home, thanks pretty much entirely to Bilbo. This has, however, ticked off the dragon who dumped a bunch of stolen gold there, and alerted everybody to the fact that there’s a free pile of gold being defended by a handful of people who come up to maybe your armpit. They all show up and a huge fight ensues.

Normally we’d say that this really will be the end of The Lord of the Rings on film, but who are we kidding? If Warner Bros. can squeeze three more Harry Potter movies out of a 42-page document, this is just the start. Expect twenty movies out of the Silmarillion to be announced at Comic-Con next year.