‘The Interview’ Is Headed To Netflix

Before last year, no one could’ve predicted that The Interview, a little comedy movie starring those guys from Pineapple Express, would become the most controversial film, possibly ever. Apparently, all it takes to anger a North Korean dictator, instigate the hacking of a major movie studio and spur terrorist threats targeting movie theaters is James Franco, Seth Rogen, copious amounts of drug references and dirty sex jokes, and a good Kim Jong-un impersonator.

The movie that pretty much pissed off an entire nation and didn’t even get a full release in theaters has made over $40 million dollars in rentals and sales after Sony made it available on demand, and now it’s coming to Netflix. The streaming service is making the comedy film available to both U.S. and U.K. subscribers free of any extra charge starting this Saturday, Jan. 24th. The film follows Rogen and Franco as they are tasked by the CIA to kill the leader of the East Asian country and was surrounded in controversy prior to its release date thanks to Kim Jong-un’s lack of a sense of humor and an ironically named hacker group known as the Guardians of the Peace. Well, the joke’s on you guys because the movie, which probably would’ve had a mediocre showing at the box office will now go down in the history books.