The Jokes That Drove Native Americans Off Adam Sandler’s Set Are Terrible

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So, remember earlier this week when the Native American actors working on Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous Six walked off the set in protest over some really offensive racist jokes? It turns out they’re pretty nasty. Not just because they are, indeed, offensive and play to the basest stereotypes about Native Americans, but because they’re just straight-up bad. Defamer got a hold of a draft of the script for the Netflix movie and put the sections in question on display so we, the internet, could see for ourselves how bad this could have been.

And it’s bad.

Imagine the cheapest possible jokes that you saw on cartoons made in the 1940s that played up every single physical and cultural stereotype about any person who was not a lily white man. And then add toilet humor. And then add Adam Sandler. And then remember that Vanilla Ice is in this movie. Put that together and that is one sh*tshow of bad news bears, kids.

From the actors who spoke to the media about why they left, they mentioned female characters named Beaver’s Breath and No Bra (heh). As I noted, the script found by Defamer was a draft dated December 7, 2012 (already a problematic date, you guys) so it’s possible that some lines were changed, but it sure doesn’t sound like they were. One thing did change, and that was No Bra’s name, which was originally Sits-On-Face. Get it? Also, Sits-On-Face walks around naked and lights up a peace pipe while squatting to take a leak in front of Sandler and his bros.

And then there are gems like this, playing on the old “broken English” and “crazy Indian names” chestnuts with a character named Flaming Wolf:

Me never hear of him. I know a “Five Hairy Moles” and “One Eyebrow” and my cousin “Four Pickles” but no “Three Knives.” Sorry.

It’s possible that this script was written when Adam Sandler was in third grade and it’s always been his dream to make this movie, and 1. he’s dying and this is his last chance or 2. he wanted to see if production companies actually read his script while agreeing to give him millions of dollars to shoot them. Or 3. he just never got better at writing at a third-grade level. Because this line basically says it all:

Say honey: how bout after this, we go someplace and I put my pee-pee in your teepee?

Sorry, but who uses a colon when writing a line like that? Who proofread this thing?

But yeah. Every single scene makes Native Americans look like a bunch of dumb, chemically-altered sub-humans with silly names, so those actors had a right to be pissed.

Source: Defamer