Check Out This Exclusive Look At ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Featuring Ciara’s ‘Paint It Black’ Cover

While we all bite our nails in heavy anticipation of the release of Vin Diesel‘s time-hopping adventure movie The Last Witch Hunter, at least we now have something that makes the wait a little easier. That sneak peek of Ciara covering the immortal Rolling Stones hit “Paint It Black” we heard earlier this month? Now it’s got a full trailer treatment with a little more explanation of what Vin is actually doing hunting those witches.

Seemingly caught in between two worlds, Vin clearly yearns for something missing from each: His family in the past, and the success and good life of the future (while sharing some fine brandy with Michael Caine, of course). Somewhere along the line, those two existences merge, and it’s time to kill some witches, all while Ciara slowly croons the wicked words of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

And truth be told, the cover is fantastic, but you can’t help but wonder what Vin would sound like taking on the Stones’ hit. He gave a little bit of a rendition earlier this week while in an interview, and he’s a total karaoke pro. Or maybe he could cover “Goodies” — okay, maybe that’s a bit too far.

(via Lionsgate)