The Latest ‘Ant-Man’ Clip Uses A Few ‘Titanic’ Jokes For Exposition

With less than two weeks to go, Marvel’s Disney-funded marketing campaign keeps removing, repackaging and redistributing small chunks of Ant-Man to promote the film’s release on July 17. Hopefully they won’t give away the entire film, though knowing the studio’s Age of Ultron extravaganza, who knows…

Still, the latest clip doesn’t really provide anything more than an extended version of a previous one, in which we see Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) steal the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) private safe. It’s only a clip, so there’s no real context for what’s going on and why.

However, we do get a few seconds of Lang and his crew — played by Michael Peña, David Dastmalchian and T.I. — riffing on about James Cameron’s Titanic, so there’s that.

(Via CBR Trailers)