The Latest ‘Entourage’ Trailer Reminds Us That A Lot Of Famous People Are In This Movie

Adrian Grenier. Jerry Ferrara. Jeremy Piven. The hilarious and talented Kevin Dillon. Kevin Connolly. Debi Mazar. Emmanuelle Chriqui. Rex Lee. Billy Bob Thornton. Haley Joel Osment. Mark Wahlberg. Liam Neeson. Ronda Rousey. Jessica Alba. Calvin Harris. T.I. Thierry Henry. Alice Eve. Armie Hammer. Kelsey Grammer. Ed O’Neill. Pharrell Williams. David Spade. Russell Wilson. Tom Brady. Rob Gronkowski. George Takei. Andrew Dice Clay. Warren Buffett. Dan Patrick. Emily Ratajkowski. Nina Agdal. Eight thousand other very attractive models and aspiring actresses. The Pope. Tupac Shakur. Barack Obama. Joe Biden. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Leonardo DaVinci. Your fourth grade math teacher. Some of those girls from Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” music video. A horse that paints. The dress that people freaked out about. Knob Kardashian. Malala Yousafzai. Trevor Noah telling bad jokes about fat women. Flo from Progressive. Six of Bill Cosby’s accusers. And Gary Busey as “Gary.”

As you can see in the new UK trailer for Entourage, this is a movie that will feature more celebrity cameos than the Oscars. If there’s time, there might be a plot. Entourage hits theaters on June 5.