Kate Upton And Alexandra Daddario Fight For The Same Hunk In ‘The Layover’ Trailer

An old fashioned road-trip sex comedy directed by William H. Macy and starring Kate Upton, Alexandra Daddario, Matt L. Jones (Badger from Breaking Bad), Rob Corddry, Kal Penn, and Molly Shannon? Sounds like something the internet might be interested in. But The Layover has been lingering on the proverbial shelf since it was completed in June 2015, waiting to see the light of day. A few months ago, however, in swooped Vertical Entertainment and DIRECTV, which picked up the rights to the movie. It will finally be released on DIRECTV on August 3 and in theaters on September 1.

In The Layover, real-life pals Daddario and Upton play two single women whose friendship is tested by a very attractive gentleman (Matt Barr). It’s not the most original plot in the world, but the genuine chemistry between the Baywatch star and Lip Sync Battle standout is apparent even in the trailer.

“Kate Upton is a remarkable human being,” Daddario said about her co-star. “She’s outrageously hilarious and really intelligent.” She also praised Macy as a director. “It’s very interesting being directed by an actor. It’s very different than I expected. His instincts are coming from an actor’s point of view. I loved Rudderless and it’s really cool that William H. Macy is directing a comedy.”

How many times do you think Upton asked Macy about Wild Hogs? I bet a lot.

(Via Coming Soon)