Dylan O’Brien’s Injury Has Officially Pushed Back The Latest ‘Maze Runner’ Release

Bad news for Maze Runner fans who were looking forward to seeing the third installment in the series, The Death Cure, next spring. The serious accident that occurred in March involving star Dylan O’Brien has resulted in the movie’s release date being pushed back an entire year. The film’s premiere was originally set to be February 17, 2017. The new targeted date for the movie is now January 12, 2018.

O’Brien, who plays central character Thomas in the adaptations of the post-apocalyptic Young Adult series, suffered serious injuries during a stunt gone wrong where he was pulled off the back of a moving vehicle by a harness and hit by a car. Details of the incident have been kept hush hush but a leaked WorkSafeBC report had the young star suffering from a concussion, facial fractures, and lacerations.

A month after the incident, producers were forced to shut filming down on The Maze Runner: The Death Cure to give Dylan more time to recover. And now the inevitable has happened: the film’s premiere has been pushed back nearly a year. It’s not all that surprising given the severity of the accident. Original reports were optimistic that filming would continue soon after but even with the secrecy behind O’Brien’s injuries, getting hit by a car isn’t something you come back from fast. We’re just thankful that Dylan is expected to make a full recovery.

(via Variety)