‘The Mummy’ Gets A Slightly More Lighthearted Trailer

Universal’s second bid to launched a shared “monsterverse”, a reboot of The Mummy, arrives June 9th. To this point, the trailers have focused on the horror aspects, as Tom Cruise’s adventurer has been cursed with immortality and looking like Tom Cruise while immortal, and also the setpieces. This trailer wants to remind us that Cruise’s natural charm and comic timing won’t go to waste either.

The trailer also delves into the plot a little more. We already know the basics, but we see a bit more of Russell Crowe’s Henry Jekyll, and the trailer hints that Cruise must become an immortal anti-hero with superpowers and… we’re not really seeing the downside, here? Sure, you get weird spider eyes occasionally, and probably have to sleep in a sarcophagus, but immortality, control of various animals, seems like a sweet deal.

Then again, having a corpse try to eat your face, getting ejected repeatedly from various vehicles (which has seemed to replace his running away from things), and nearly drowning doesn’t seem like much fun either, so maybe he’s just not seeing the bright side of this whole thing because he lacks perspective. We’ll find out on June 9th, when The Mummy hits theaters.