Tom Cruise Battles Evil, Explosions And Aquatic Undead In The Latest Trailer For ‘The Mummy’

Contrary to my detailed wishes for a mummy rom-com with Universal’s big summer reboot, we’re getting a mummy action film. Granted, that makes more sense, but it would be nice to see the bandaged undead have a meet cute and some flirty banter in their cinematic diet. Seems unfair, really.

The second action-stuffed trailer for The Mummy is a mixture of catch-up on the titular mummy’s backstory (Sofia Boutella’s grudge-driven Princess Ahmanet) and making a fuss about how everything is connected to Tom Cruise’s calamity-plagued Nick Morton. Once again, we’re reminded that Cruise is (grrr) a very serious action man and not the charming swashbuckler we got from the Brendan Fraser era. Soundtracked by the battle-tested trailer anthem “Paint It Black,” there’s a steady assortment of hazards on display ranging from flight danger to scary looking aquatic henchdead. WE CAN’T GET A BREAK ON LAND, AT SEA OR IN THE AIR, DAGBLASTIT!

Pleasant news for Universal Monster Movie Remake And So Forth Universe fans, we get a dash of Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll having a bit of a chat. The studio clearly has high hopes for The Mummy. If the film flops, it’ll trip up the other films lined up for the shared universe. (We’re not forecasting that outcome. Just saying.) The Mummy will arrive in theaters in all its swallowing ground glory on June 9.