The New ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Is Packed Full Of Indominus Rex

We all know Jurassic World will have plenty of dinosaurs snacking on humans, but the hungriest dino, the genetically modified Indominus Rex, has been kept in the dark. Well, not anymore!

The trailer also offers a fairly complete plot: They build the Indominus Rex to drive up attendance, and it promptly gets loose. It’s also highly intelligent and starts not only freeing the other dinosaurs, but also communicating with them and ordering them around. So, it’s basically Dawn of The Planet of the Apes with giant lizards, and there is no bad in that sentence.

Anyway, the raptors come into play because, as Wilson Fisk notes in the trailer, they’ve got thousands of people on the island, and not enough guns and boats to protect them. Yeah, raptors. We’ll see how that particular Hail Mary play works out June 12.