‘The Nice Guys’ Webisodes Send Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe To Couples Therapy

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe’s The Nice Guys sure is getting a lot of hype. And the marketing campaign is playing up the odd couple/bromance angle of this movie through five webisodes that show Gosling and Crowe going to couples therapy. And of course, the therapist is in over her head with these two!

The first webisode, which you can watch above, cycles through the entire process that these two go through in therapy. It’s called “The Journey” and establishes Gosling as a charming douchebag, and Crowe as the curmudgeon of the duo. In the later videos, the action is framed by “Celebrity Headline News,” which reports on the feud between the two costars, and the fact that they have to go to therapy to sort it all out. Very meta.

Some highlights: Crowe getting mad at all the Ryan Gosling “hey girl” paraphernalia that exists in the world; Gosling telling the therapist what to write down and trying to define what PR is to her; Crowe walking out of many session early, sometimes while lighting up a cigarette; Gosling talking about building heart-shaped walls; and then Crowe using a stress machine while imagining his happy place, until he’s interrupted by Gosling loudly opening a can of soda.

What I’m taking away from this is that Gosling is the problem in this scenario, and that this therapist is seriously incompetent at her job. But the last video is called “Coming Together,” where the two apologize to each other, so I guess there’s been some progress then.

Watch all the episodes below:

(Via Variety Latino)