These ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ Quotes Are Infinite

09.30.15 4 years ago

In 2012, author Stephen Chbosky proved that the way to make a movie adaptation of a book is to do it yourself. His coming-of-age novel read, and sometimes banned, in high schools across America became his mainstream directorial debut and was lauded by critics and fans of the book for its ability to stay true to the source material while adapting some things after years of hindsight. Critics referred to the film as a modern day The Breakfast Club for the hipster generation. The comparison might seem sacrilegious to John Hughes purists, but every angsty teenager should have a ragtag group of misfits to clutch to during their most troubled years. Starring newcomers Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller (the future Flash and a birthday boy today) as well as the universally loved Emma Watson, the film gave us some new classic quotable moments, as well as some killer tunes.

“Oh my god they’re playing good music.” — Sam
“Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t! They are! They’re playing good music!” — Patrick

Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the Billboard charts knows this feeling at any dance. Or club. Or any event where there’s music. Thank god for hipsters, amiright? But overall this moment is a small faction of all the incredible music that brings this whole story together. Featuring the music of Cocteau Twins, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Cracker, and, of course, The Smiths, the soundtrack is definitely worth checking out. They even released it on vinyl…if you’re into that.

“You could write about us.” — Sam
“Yeah! Call it ‘Slut and the Falcon’! Make us solve crimes!” — Patrick

I would read the hell out of something called, “The Adventures of Slut and The Falcon,” although, after watching Ezra Miller in Trainwreck I’m not sure who’s who.

“Dad, can I have $30?” — Charlie
“$20? What do you need $10 for?” — Mr. Kelmeckis

Dylan McDermott basically just showed up for this movie so he could be every dad ever. But that aside, the supporting cast of this film is actually astounding. Between Nina Dobrev playing Charlie’s sister, Kate Walsh as his mother, Paul Rudd as his teacher, and Joan Cusack as his doctor, it’s enough to make you forget that John Malkovich is an executive producer.

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