The ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Is Pretty Much An Episode Of The Show

When a TV show is revisited for film, they usually tweak it a bit, maybe update a few things, try some new ideas. Power Rangers, if this plot leak is legit, is taking a rather more… faithful tack.

The leak comes from Heroic Hollywood, so the usual admonitions about seasoning apply. Still, the leaked plot sounds pretty much like the plot of the show, right down to the five teen heroes neatly slotting into the various roles you expect from a teen drama: Geek, loner, bad boy, perfectionist, and free spirit.

As for the actual set-up: Zordon and the Rangers fight Rita Repulsa on Earth 65 million years ago, ending with Zordon taking the nuclear option and setting off a black hole. Cut to the modern day, and two teenagers find a set of Power Coins underneath a T-Rex fossil. The coins bond to them and superpowered hijinks ensue. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa is heisting banks for gold, to rebuild Goldar, who you might remember from the series as her dimwitted and overconfident henchman. All gold comes from Goldar, apparently, which is vaguely off-putting when you think about it: So, we’ve been adorning ourselves with chunks of henchman flesh for centuries? Eew.

It sounds almost absurdly cheesy, but that said, this is the Power Rangers. Cheese is the main flavor of this particular franchise. Besides, what we’re really looking for here is the cast in helmets and leotards fighting other guys in leotards before jumping into their spaceships, forming a giant robot, and getting into some monster fights. As long as this is just the first act, we’ll be in for a good time.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)

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