It’s Your Civic Duty To Watch The Latest Trailer For ‘The Purge: Election Year’

No matter your political affiliation, it’s fair to concede that the current race for the White House has been a non-stop carnival of batsh*t crazy. It’s the sort of climate that makes the world of The Purge: Election Year (PRAISE BE TO THE NEW FOUNDING FATHERS) look borderline reasonable by comparison. James DeMonaco’s sturdy horror franchise presents a world where there’s 12 hours set aside a year for all crime being legal and there’s a government endorsed genocide of the working class, but at least America gets a booming scary mask industry out of the deal. U-S-A! U-S-A!

The latest trailer for the third installment of The Purge franchise has arrived in one glorious swirl of parody campaign ad and highlight reel of scary people looking menacing. The newest go-around features Revolution alum Elizabeth Mitchell as a senator trying to bring down The Purge and all the Purge-y goodness that comes from humans in funny costumes going stab-happy. You may be stunned (STUNNED!) to learn that her political opponents aren’t wild about the senator’s anti-Purge campaign and HERE COME THE EXCELLENTLY STYLED DEATH SQUADS! Come for the not-that-subtle political commentary, stay for the reminder that Uncle Sam masks are always terrifying.

Speaking of The Purge: Election Year, we look forward to seeing Donald Trump‘s reaction to the film tweaking his current campaign slogan. He might be flattered.

The Purge: Election Year arrives in theaters on July 1, and remember to get your crime in BEFORE the cut-off time. No one wants to go to Future Jail for illegally streaming Game of Thrones 30 seconds past the deadline.