The Rock Gives The World A First Look At The ‘Baywatch’ Cast At A Table Read

We here at Uproxx have been greeting each bit of news from the forthcoming Baywatch movie as if it were a hot lifeguard running toward us in slow motion as our lungs filled with seawater. We heralded Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s casting with a joyful shouting of the original theme song. News of Zac Efron’s involvement — as a “young, rule-flouting hothead” clashing with Johnson’s “by-the-book and very serious lifeguard (Johnson)” as the two team up “to save their beach from environmental destruction at the hands of an oil tycoon” — damn near brought us to tears.

We learned of the film’s R-rating and rejoiced. We cringed, vaguely terrified, when Alexandra Daddario — The Rock’s daughter in San Andreas — was cast as Summer, hoping to God that the two would not hook up and make sh*t weird. Kelly Rohrbach’s casting as C.J. Parker (originally played by Pam Anderson) was markedly less disturbing, as was Quantico‘s Priyanka Chopra‘s casting as the aforementioned evil oil tycoon.

But all of this has been mere speculation and anticipation. Until today, we hadn’t actually seen anything from the Baywatch set, only imagined, on a daily basis, what The Rock might look like coating Zac Efron in baby oil. That ends now (just kidding, that never ends): This morning, The Rock posted a first look at the Baywatch cast at a table read. It’d be cooler if they were coating each other in baby oil at the table read, but we can’t have everything all at once.

Here’s what the photo revealed: Zac Efron owns a sweatshirt that reads “BAE.” Alexandra Daddario wears hoodies zipped up to her neck. Somebody didn’t finish their banana bread. Apparently, the movie will be funny, the kind of funny that encourages an entire cast to laugh out loud during an obviously early-morning table read. The Rock considers himself a “papa silverback,” which, okay! The film starts shooting tomorrow. Oh, #AndZacHasNiceTits.