The Rock Has Now Conquered The World Record For Taking Selfies

At the London world premiere for his new disaster epic San Andreas, The Rock managed to topple another challenge laid out by the folks at Guinness World Records. Using his fast thumbs and millions (and millions) of loyal fans, The Rock posed for a record 105 selfies in three minutes.

Now I know what most of you are probably thinking. How is taking a picture such a feat? Well, it turns out that The Rock had to go by a strict set of guidelines according to Guinness World Records and he could be disqualified if unable to meet them:

Using his smartphone camera, Dwayne snapped photographs of himself alongside fans who lined up to be a part of the exciting record attempt. Guinness World Records adjudicator Mark McKinley ensured that selfie rules were followed, with requirements including the full face and neck of participants being viewable and that the images were focused, with recognisable faces and no blurring. Several selfies were disqualified, but a total of 105 were accepted to achieve the record title.

The Rock shared his triumph on Instagram, posting a video of the announcement with the red carpet crowd. Genius marketing on all accounts, right? That or The Rock is seriously the most charming person to ever walk the Earth.

(Via Guinness World Records / MTV News)

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