Don’t Ever Question The Internal Logic Of ‘Jumanji’ Or The Rock Will Come At You

Columbia Pictures

If you come at Dwayne Johnson with perceived Jumanji plot holes, you best not miss. Actually, you best not come at Johnson at all because he will publicly shame you. The Rock has no use for your questioning of his action-packed, lighthearted family affairs. He has a few questions for you. First off: how dare you? Second: who do you think you are?

Possible Jumanji Spoilers Below

Twitter’s James McMahon proved why you shouldn’t (or maybe should) tag people when you’re on a mission to critique by asking why a certain character has a key item when they get resurrected after they get killed in the movie. Mr. McMahon tries to put this in video game terms, when Jumanji is not a video game. It’s a movie. A movie starring The Rock, who doesn’t want to hear about McMahon’s opinion.

A “go f*ck yourself” from The Rock hurts more than 11 unprotected chair shots in an “I Quit” match. Apparently, Dwayne Johnson only has time for one McMahon in his life, and his name is Vince. Or maybe Shane. Okay so Rock has room for a few McMahons in his life but he clearly doesn’t want to hear about any plotholes.