The Rock Teases His ‘Epic Fight’ In ‘Furious 7’ With This Rock Bottom On Jason Statham

We’ve known since the moment that we watched the first delightfully action-packed trailer for Furious 7 that Dwayne Johnson was going to administer a hellacious Rock Bottom on Jason Statham. We also know that Vin Diesel’s Dom is going to fly a car from one Dubai skyscraper to another, but let’s focus on one ridiculous scene at a time, lest we wish to die from action porn overload. In this specific brawl, The Rock slams Statham through a glass table like it’s nothing, and the cinematography makes it feel like we’re right there being dropped on our asses with everyone’s favorite British badass.

This scene, of course, begs the important journalistic question – is this The Rock’s best cinematic Rock Bottom? In fairness, we should wait until we watch all of Furious 7, so as to understand the context of Statham’s Rock Bottom and what comes next, but I fly by the seat of my JNCOs. The Rundown still takes the cake. That night club scene is just plain good.