The Rock Might Be The Next To Join Universal’s New Monster Universe

There’s a lot going on with The Rock these days. He’s currently starring with Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence, filming a score of films including Baywatch and Fast 8, and joining in with almost everything outside of film that he can get involved with.

Now he’s being rumored for a score of new productions, including a role in the expanding Universal Monster universe that got its start with Dracula: Untold. We have Tom Cruise coming with the next installment of The Mummy series, but The Rock might just have him beat as The Wolfman:

There are persistent rumors Universal wants him howling at the moon when it gets around to the Wolf Man movie that is part of its classic monsters franchise revival plans.

Having Dwayne Johnson play The Wolfman is something you normally wouldn’t think would fit. If any former wrestler is going to play a wolf, you’d think they’d call up Mick Foley. But hey, I’d watch The Rock pretty much do anything at this point. I wouldn’t watch him paint a house or anything, but I’d watch him star as a wolf, possibly murdering people, and then turning good to stop an evil wolf played by Jack Nicholson.

Bring it full circle to Wolf back in the ’90s, and let Nicholson get into a literal pissing match Dwayne Johnson.

(Via Deadline)