Are The Rock And Vin Diesel Taking Their Reported ‘Candy Ass’ Feud To WrestleMania?

An unnamed actor on the Fast 8 set was dubbed a “candy ass” by none other than Dwayne Johnson. Was it Tyrese Gibson for not inviting The Rock to Gibsihana? Was it Scott Eastwood for his dad’s comments about this being the Pussy Generation? Was it Lucas Black for being That Guy At the Party who incorrectly claims The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is the best film in the franchise? Nope, it was (reportedly) Vin Diesel, over what TMZ called “a clash of egos.” The muscular tension was so thick, “it was almost impossible to shoot.” Both men wanted Helen Mirren to watch them jump off the high dive.

Johnson walked back his “candy ass” comment on Wednesday, saying, “At the end of the day, me and #F8 co-stars all agree on the most important thing: Delivering an incredible movie to the world,” something something we’re not friends we’re family, but that hasn’t stopped Furious fans from guessing what’s really going on. It involves two dates: April 2, 2017, and April 14, 2017.

That’s when WrestleMania 33 hits Orlando, and Fast 8 premieres.

It’s a tempting idea. As Bill Hanstock pointed out, The Rock’s rant is a classic wrestling promo, “yet another way to sell, market, and promote a movie that is already going to make like two billion dollars. It’s pretty brilliant, honestly.” But I don’t think we’ll be seeing Vin and The Rock in the ring next April, mostly because Vin Diesel — whose Fast and Furious contract reportedly stipulates that he can’t lose a fight in any of the films — has no chance at winning. Vin doesn’t want The Rock to break his thumbs. He needs them.

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At least he’s happy.