An ‘American Pie’ Director Is Now Writing A ‘Star Wars’ Movie

In 1999, human potato Jason Biggs entered the national consciousness by putting his dong in an apple pie. Now the man responsible for bringing us that scene will be writing a Star Wars movie.

Chris Weitz has also been responsible for better movies, like About A Boy and A Single Man. And he’s actually quite a good director and producer. But writing the pie-f***er is going to follow him to his grave — we’re almost obligated to contribute to that. Anyway, he’s officially taking over for Gary Whitta on the first Star Wars spinoff, according to the Hollywood Reporter. And it’s not like Weitz doesn’t have experience with fantasy and Sci-Fi; he directed The Golden Compass and took a paycheck to direct a Twilight movie.

It may be a prelude to Weitz getting the director’s chair on another spinoff. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do with the franchise. Just no jokes about Luke’s mom, OK?