The Stars Of ‘Jurassic World’ Would Like To Remind You That ‘Jurassic Park’ Was Great

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As Universal Pictures begins to ramp up the promotional campaign for Jurassic World, Yahoo! Movies has released a new featurette that shows the cast of the film and Steven Spielberg reflecting on the 1993 dino-blockbuster that started it all. Chris Pratt was roughly 13 years old when Jurassic Park hit theaters and he touches on the mind-blowing nature that the film had back when CGI was brand new. Spielberg may have put it best by saying Jurassic World is “almost like seeing Jurassic Park come true.”

He continued to explain why the new film will deliver the goods while slightly giving a nod to the failure of the previous sequels:

It goes down an original road, which none of the other movies dared to travel.

We’ll see if Jurassic World can live up to the hype when it hits theaters on June 12, 2015.

(Via Yahoo! Movies)