The Talking Teddy Bear Is Getting Married In The First Trailer For ‘Ted 2’

It’s really difficult to watch the opening of the first trailer for Ted 2 without expecting a small army of fuzzy animals and monsters to pop into the frame while singing, “Somebody’s getting married!” But once you get past the initial shock of Muppetless matrimony, you’re in for a world of vulgar comedy that is topped off with Mark Wahlberg slipping in a puddle of someone’s semen and then screaming, “It’s in my eyes!” after he pulls an entire shelf of spunk down on top of himself.

Ultimately, Ted 2 is a civil rights story about a magical talking teddy bear who wants to prove that he and his wife should be able to have a child. And along the way, there are plenty of standard Seth MacFarlane jokes about black people, blind people and probably gay and Jewish people, because it’s not a crude party unless the usual suspects are in attendance.