The Villains Of ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Will Include Some Familiar Bounty Hunters

We’ve already heard Darth Vader will be among the villains of Star Wars: Rogue One. Now, rumor has it that he won’t be the only familiar face among the bad guys.

Bloody Disgusting claims that in addition to Ben Mendelsohn playing a new Moff, the bounty hunters we first met in The Empire Strikes Back will be tracking down our heroes. Yes, that includes Boba Fett. Also in the mix is Cad Bane, a fan favorite from Clone Wars, making a live-action debut.

In other words, we’ll see these guys actually hunt bounties instead of just stand there and get lectured by Vader! There also may be other bounty hunters involved, but the O.G.s in Empire will be the main group of villains. Vader joins in after he learns what happened, and isn’t terribly happy about it.

How much salt should we put on this rumor? Not too much. Disney obviously wants to use established characters and give the fans what they want, so at the very least, Boba Fett’s going to turn up in Rogue One. Besides, it’ll be a good example to kids: If you do a good job as a freelancer, you can get hired for more important work in the future!

(Via Bloody Disgusting)