The Wonder Woman Movie Has Tied Up Former Cartoon Writer Jason Fuchs

I still can’t quite believe a Wonder Woman movie is really being made, but lo and behold, it’s actually happening. We have a star in Gal Gadot, and we have Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead helmer Michelle MacLaren set to direct, and now the movie even has a writer.

Wonder Woman will be written by Jason Fuchs, who’s a bit of an up-and-comer in Hollywood. His previous credits are mostly kids stuff like Ice Age: Continental Drift, but his next movie is Warner Bros’ big budget Peter Pan sequel, Pan. So, y’know, if the villain of Wonder Woman ends up being a frustratingly hard to grab acorn or ticking crocodile, you’ll know why.

Wonder Woman’s new sidekick?

Jason Fuchs isn’t particularly well tested, but honestly I’m just glad to see a blockbuster superhero movie written by somebody other than Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci or David Goyer. Also, Fuchs will be working closely with MacClaren who, I assume, knows a thing or two about being a woman and good scripts, so I dunno, consider me optimistic. What about you folks? What do you think about how the WW is shaping up so far?

Via The Hollywood Reporter