The World’s Greatest Hotel Concierge Surprised A Guest With Nic Cage Pictures

The next time that you’re staying at a supposedly nice hotel and you need to call down to the front desk for something that you might have forgotten to pack, ask yourself this question – is this hotel willing to stock my room with free, glorious pictures of Nicolas Cage? An Imgur user that goes by “FreePsychicReadings” has raised the bar and our expectations when it comes to the kind of service we should expect from hotels, as her boredom led to the discovery of a man who might be the world’s greatest hotel concierge.

While staying at the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk during “a boring business trip,” Ms. PsychicReadings received a text letting her know that if the hotel could “assist with anything, anytime, simply text us.” She chose to test the limits of “anything, anytime” by requesting “a framed picture of Nicolas Cage in Con Air on my bed by 6.” You know, “for shits and giggles.” Ramon replied that it would be their pleasure to assist her, and when she returned to her room…

However, I got punched right in the giggle dick when I got back to my room to find this majestic hunk in all his glory, waiting for me in bed.

It is, of course, very pleasing to see anyone pay tribute to the greatest hairstyle of Cage’s acting career. But once you’ve tested the mulleted waters of Lake Cage, you just can’t help but drown in those dreamy, squinty eyes. After giving the hotel’s service a rating of 5 (on a scale of 1-5), the guest then requested another photo, this time of “Nic Cage in Moonstruck taped to my bathroom mirror by 6.” Alas, there was no photo of Cage in Moonstruck, nor were there bath towels that she had asked for in all seriousness. Probably because it wasn’t Ramon helping her.

However, after the guest expressed her disappointment, mainly in not having bath towels but also in the lack of a Moonstruck photo, she returned from a business dinner to find…

Finally, she asked for a photo of Cage in 8MM, to which Ramon replied, “Good choice.” I believe he didn’t say, “Great choice” because she didn’t ask for The Boy in Blue. I mean, have you seen that poster? Anyway, Ramon made good one more time.

As of yesterday, FreePsychicReadings swore that this is not a PR stunt by the hotel, and that she was “bored at work with someone else who was bored at work.” Real or not, more people should return to their hotel rooms to find pictures of Nic Cage. This world would be a better place.

(H/T to Jezebel)