The Number One Movie At The Box Office For Four Straight Weeks Is A ‘Jeopardy’ Question Waiting To Happen

For the fourth weekend in a row, the indie-horror film The Wretched was the highest-grossing movie in the country. Granted, a million asterisks come with that impressive feat — most theaters are closed, there are no other movies, it only made $218,883 ($238,799 if you include Memorial Day!), etc. — but still! The Wretched is the first movie to four-peat at the weekend box office since Black Panther in 2018, and according to co-director and -writer, Brett Pierce, it will also be a future Jeopardy! question.

“It’s actually been a complete shock and kind of insane. We always aimed for the moon, but with an independent film you think, yeah, we’ll come out in a few theaters, and we’ll play for like a week, and maybe ten people will see it. Most people are going to see it when we land on a streaming service,” Brett, who made the movie with his brother Drew, told Entertainment Weekly. “It just kept on getting bigger, it was one of those things where you just don’t believe it as it’s happening. We’re going to be a Jeopardy! question one day, because we’re going to be the lowest-grossing most successful film.”

I can’t think of a higher honor than for Alex Trebek to say the name of your movie after all the contestants incorrectly guess, “What is… Sonic the Hedgehog?” Way better than winning Best Picture. But for everyone without access to a drive-in theater, you can also watch The Wretched from the comfort of your home (that you’re desperate to leave).

(Via Entertainment Weekly)