These Iconic Movie Posters Are Made With Nothing But Emoji

In 1799, a member of the French Academy of Sciences and officer in Napoleon’s army named Pierre-François Bouchard discovered the Rosetta Stone in Egypt, which eventually enabled Europeans to decipher ancient hieroglyphics for the first time in centuries.

Now — 216 years later — “Rosetta Stone” is a series of audiobooks that helps college kids get laid during their semesters abroad and written communication has regressed to encompass a modern iteration of those ancient hieroglyphics that prominently features anthropomorphized pile of excrement.

Emoji: They’re everywhere, including your favorite iconic movie posters, now.

A new Tumblr called Emoji Films (what else?) is made up of widely recognizable film posters, except the only things on the posters are emoji.

OK, I’ve got to admit that the Almost Famous one is actually pretty rad. Who wants to come hold the ladder while I hang it over my digital fireplace?

(h/t Mashable)