This ‘Ant-Man’ Gag Reel Is A Superhero Dance Party

Ant-Man, Marvel’s story of a shrinking superhero pulling off a heist, has been, ah, non-traditional in its approach to advertising, which is honestly a nice touch. And this gag reel sure makes it look like the movie was even more fun to make than it was to watch.

Or maybe it just happens to be a cast where whenever somebody blows a line or misses their mark, they just start dancing to amuse the crew. Hey, we all know Paul Rudd has moves, even if he shows a complete inability to fist-bump in this reel. That said, we feel like they missed an opportunity here: Ant-Man could have used more of Michael Douglas cursing. If the guy’s a former superspy who gets tiny and keeps a fully functional tank around as a keychain, he’s not shy about dropping a few F-bombs.

As for catching Ant-Man himself, he’ll be on Blu-Ray Dec. 8, just enough time for you to finish watching Jessica Jones and get caught up on Agents of SHIELD. And it’s a full month before Agent Carter premieres! Really, Marvel just needs its own basic-cable channel; at this rate, it’ll be the only way to stay current.

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