This Baby Groot Made Of LEGO May Be The Cutest Version Yet

Ah, 2014, an age when you can make a $200 million epic sci-fi blockbuster and in the end all anybody really cares about is the part at the end where the cute baby tree man danced for a few seconds. Speaking of which, just in case you can’t wait to get your hands on the official dancing baby Groot toy, somebody has now made the little guy out of LEGO, and frankly it may be my favorite be version of Groot yet.

I’ll be honest, I found the actual baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy was a little cloying in its cuteness, but I’d hang out with this bug-eyed little guy. This Groot was the work of talented LEGO builders Sean and Steph Mayo, and you can check out more of their creations here. You’ve gotta admit, their baby Groot beats the hell out of the official LEGO version…

I am disappointing. 

Via Toybox