This Charming Kate Spade Commercial Proves Anna Kendrick Can Sell Just About Anything

Some shopping commercials are annoying, with most ending up being downright unbearable during the holiday season. That is, unless your ad stars the one and only Anna Kendrick.

I’ll be the first to admit that a commercial clocking in at nearly three minutes typically deserves major eye-rolls, but I really can’t get enough of Kendrick and her charm in this Kate Spade clip. The premise of “woman gets locked out of her apartment” can easily lead to played-out antics as well as over-the-top scenes, but the Into the Woods actress is just…so much fun to watch. For lack of a better word, she really sells it. (Also, that pup and its super serious “Okay, I guess we’re just doing this, then,” face deserve awards, too.)

Via Adweek