This Is What ‘San Andreas’ Looks Like Without All The Special Effects

Dwayne Johnson‘s new disaster movie San Andreas came out today. Sure, someone recently pointed out many of the inaccuracies in the film, but it’s still filled to the brim with destructive action and…we all like destructive action movies, right? As someone who has been through multiple earthquakes in my lifetime, it’s always amusing to see how these natural disasters are represented on the big screen. Ridiculous is a good word to use in describing it all, really.

This brings me to the movie’s B-roll footage…

The video above was brought to us by the folks over at Sploid and gives a behind-the-scenes look at San Andreas with and without its crazy special effects. While there are some cool practical effects being used here, the majority of it is simply chuckle-worthy.

I’ll wait for the DVD, but if ever there was a reason for me to see San Andreas in theaters, it’d be for the scenes of people falling sideways on the street. Now that’s comedy.

(Via Sploid)