This Kid’s Hulk-Buster High Chair Will Make Adults Wish They Were In Diapers Again

Any time that we receive a new video from Break’s Super-Fan Builds, my initial reaction is “There’s no way they’re going to outdo the last one.” From the Batmobile stroller to the Game of Thrones toilet, this amazing web series constantly proves me wrong, though, and the latest episode is just another reminder that Tim Baker and his team are AMAZING at what they do. An Avengers and Iron Man super-fan and super-mom named Natasha Vineyard was nominated by her friend to receive an amazing gift from Baker and Co., and the result is an incredible Hulk-Buster high chair for her daughter.

Not to nitpick, but I’d think a woman named Natasha would be a better target for something that is Black Widow-themed. Yes, I’m only saying that because I’m completely jealous that her daughter has this high chair, but I stand by my point. I also stand by my offer to receive a Big Trouble in Little China gift from Super-Fan Builds. You don’t need to tell me how generous I am.