This Woman Baked Life-Size Jennifer Lawrence And Peter Dinklage Made Out Of Cake

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-nominated actress who’s also the face of two major genre franchises, but she wasn’t truly famous until someone used 132 pounds of icing and 150 eggs to make a life-size cake in her image. Tasty Cakes’ Lara Clarke, the controversial winner of 2013’s Cake International Birmingham (her Johnny Depp was made of *gasp* “crisped rice”), baked a sponge cake that perfectly matches up with J-Law’s “height, waist, and bust measurements.”. But that’s not at all!

She is entering the Lawrence cake, alongside a cake of her favourite Game of Thrones character, Tyrion Lannister, in the large decorative exhibit section of the competition at the National Exhibition Centre – the same section in which she won gold in 2013. (Via)

Now do Quicksilver. All organic, please.