Thom Yorke Made A Bedtime Mix For When A Paranoid Android Dreams Of Electric Sheep

07.25.16 3 years ago


If you are a fan of Radiohead then you’ve probably been curious as to what goes on inside the mind of singer and songwriter Thom Yorke. Radiohead has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis throughout their tenure, starting off as an alternative rock, college radio favorite before shifting into the realm of experimental rock and later electronica before settling into the realm of experimental electronic rock that they currently reside in.

All of that was accentuated by Thom Yorke’s incredibly quiet, minimalist solo album that continues to have its artistic merits debated on college campuses throughout the world. Now fans can at least get a partial glance into what Thom Yorke has been listening to as he prepares to count sheep in this new bedtime mix from BBC Radio’s Phil Taggert. The mix includes a solo version of Bloom, says Consequence of Sound, which may prove that Thom Yorke listens to himself for inspiration before bed. That is totally normal.

The rest of the mix is ambient, quiet and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has followed Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s solo output of late. Truly, this is a mix for bedtime (after a hard day of dancing), which may mean that this isn’t what Thom Yorke is listening to right now, but what he wants you to listen to before you drift off to sleep to dream of paranoid androids and morning bells.

(Via Consequence of Sound)

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