‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Will Reportedly Be Marvel’s ‘Darkest’ Movie And Introduce A Superheroine

Amid all the drama surrounding Marvel Studios, the day-to-day work of making superhero movies continues. And Thor: Ragnarok is finally coming together, and sounding like it’s a lot of fun. Well, despite that whole “end of the world” thing.

As we’ve noted before, it looks like the Hulk is a major character, and according to Birth Movies Death, it’s going to be a road movie where the Hulk and Thor team up to stop the end of the world. If that sounds like a hoot, that’s kind of the idea; apparently, the script is a bit grim, so Hulk and Thor will leaven things a bit, part of the reason a Kiwi comedian is directing.

Also of interest is that the movie may introduce Valkyrie, which, really, this would be the time, considering the entire job of valkyries in Norse mythology is to usher warriors to Valhalla to prepare for Ragnarok. For those unfamiliar, this specific Valkyrie is a giant blonde lady with a sword, a breastplate, a flying horse, and the ability to see someone’s death glow. When your job is hauling corpses, you get a sense of who’s cacking it next.

We’ll have to wait a while to see who’s filling that armor, though; Thor: Ragnarok arrives July 28, 2017.

(Via Birth Movies Death)