Three Years Later, Robot Drama ‘Eva’ Finally Comes To America

02.27.15 4 years ago 9 Comments

Eva is one of those movies you hear about on the genre festival circuit, you get excited for and then… you hear the words of doom. The creeping horror of the film industry has snuck in and stolen the film, to put it on its shelf and cackle. Yes, that genre film you have eagerly been anticipating has had its right purchased… by the Weinstein Company.

OK, OK, so maybe it’s not quite as bad as an eldritch horror, but the Weinstein Company is a black hole for genre films many of them are lucky to escape. Remember how the company was demanding cuts to Snowpiercer because they thought people in Iowa wouldn’t understand it? That said, Eva was first released overseas in 2011 to generally good reviews, but the Weinstein Company is only releasing it now, nearly four years after they bought it.

Why? Well, given what we know about the Weinstein Company, they probably noticed movies about robots are totally hot now, what with your Chappie and your Terminator, so here we are. What’s interesting about this trailer is that it’s hugely misleading, making this look like a killer robot movie when it’s actually a quiet drama.

Ah well. That’s the Weinstein Company for you. It’ll be in “select theaters” March 13th.

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