Today In Insane Rumors: Sony Developing A Spider-Man Spinoff Movie About Aunt May

There are some rumors you hear that, while somewhat goofy, make sense. Take Spider-Man; is he recast? Sure, why not. A team-up of Spidey’s female second-stringers? Sure, we can see that happening.

An Aunt May movie, though? Give me a break.

We know you’re shocked this comes from Latino Review, but they’re claiming Sony is mulling making Aunt May: Origins, which would be a show that reveals Peter’s sweet Aunt May was actually a superspy. Or something. Mad Men is tossed around as a comparison.

Latino Review mentions a mostly forgotten miniseries called Trouble, wherein Aunt May gets knocked up by Richard Parker and then gives the baby to Mary Parker, as a possible inspiration. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of it, go read that plot summary we linked to, which will explain why quite handily. We suppose it’s no more or less terrible than the idea of Agent Aunt May, though.

Is Sony knocking around an Aunt May movie? Yeah, probably. Will they make it? Not unless they need to keep the rights and will rush out a $20 million quickie to keep Marvel from taking Spidey back. That’s really what this is, if it’s even real at all; an idea to preserve legal rights. So, don’t worry, Aunt May Begins won’t be gracing screens any time soon.